A wedding is a multi-component holiday, consisting of several stages. Of course, weddings are played according to different scenarios, but we will consider the most traditional example here.
Stage one: gathering of the young. The turmoil and joyful excitement that reigns in the homes of the bride and groom can be an excellent material for a photo essay. However, along the way, you can take a few staged photos by asking the heroes of the day to pose a little.

Stage two: ransom of the bride. A very noisy and cheerful moment of the wedding, which allows you to get an interesting reportage sketch. There is also a place for staging – for example, at the end, when the groom successfully overcomes all competitions and gets into the bride’s house with his company. All participants are in festive euphoria, champagne is sparkling in their glasses, and there are still so many joyful and solemn minutes ahead …

Step Three: The Marriage Ceremony. The central and exciting stage of the celebration, after which the bride and groom turn into happy newlyweds and become one family. Of course, sometimes this stage may not be, because field registration is planned. But most couples are still registered with the registry office. Excitement and nervousness within the walls of the registry office is a common phenomenon. And here the task of a professional photographer is to distract those present a little, and at the same time take a few group shots. From the beginning of the ceremony, all attention is focused on the heroes of the occasion: photographs where young people sign documents, put rings on each other, kiss and receive marriage certificates from the hands of the registrar are mandatory for any wedding photo shoot. It is interesting that reportage shooting in the registry office has some features of the production. Therefore, the newlyweds are advised during the ceremony to do all movements a little slower than usual, so that the photographer has time to catch a beautiful moment in the lens.

Stage four: walk. Most suitable for capturing a beautiful series of reportage and staged photographs. Monuments, beautiful architecture and nature are an excellent backdrop for bright wedding shots. Newlyweds with guests, with each other and separately, interesting angles and poses, staging, reportage sketches and portraits – on a walk, a photographer can take most of the photos for a wedding album or wedding book.

Stage five: banquet. The longest stage in time, rich in events and emotions. If the event takes place in a poorly lit hall, then the process of photographing becomes more complicated. You have to constantly control the exposure and use the flash. The entire banquet is filmed in the “reportage” style, but at the moment when the wedding cake appears in the hall, you can take beautiful staged shots.

Step-by-step wedding photography: every moment has its own style!

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