A retro-style photo session opens up great prospects for choosing bright images that were full of the 20th century:

20s. The images of this period are well reflected in the book “The Great Gatsby” by F. Fitzgerald. Elegant girls appear in beautiful dresses with a deep neckline, exquisite furs and mysterious veils. Makeup for a photo is better to choose bright: scarlet lips and eyes highlighted with black pencil. A tuxedo, a boater hat, a short vest, shoes polished to a shine are well suited for a male look.
30s. The era of Chicago was remembered for its intriguing images of vamp fatales and daring gangsters. The outfits of the ladies are luxurious, and high heels and precious beads complete the look. Most men prefer long raincoats and overcoats where revolvers can be easily hidden. Their costumes are always impeccable.
40s. Bright and colorful outfits are perfect for a photo shoot, you can give free rein to your imagination. This is the time of dudes who listened to dynamic rock and roll and had fun with all their hearts at enchanting parties.
50s. This period interestingly combines contrasts: femininity and brutality, fragility and masculinity. Pin-up photography is becoming fashionable among girls: puffy skirts, seductive stockings and corsets, intricate jewelry. The guys flaunt in flared trousers, stylish shirts with casually unbuttoned collars.
60s. At this time, hippies appear, promoting peace, freedom, love. Unisex style becomes fashionable. For shooting, you need to choose comfortable clothes with ethnic patterns, jeans, large jewelry and catchy accessories.
70s. This period is known for the emergence of the “punk” movement, which is still popular today. Leather jackets, ripped jeans, loose T-shirts are suitable for a photo shoot. Make-up should be bright, and hair in the form of a mohawk. An important attribute is a motorcycle.
80s. This is the time of hot and enchanting disco. Leggings of bright colors, sexy overalls, sportswear, original hairstyles are in fashion. Of the accessories, large earrings and bracelets, large glasses in bright frames are popular.
You can make a photo session in retro style, both in a thematically equipped studio, and outdoors, in ancient buildings. The theater, embankment, railway station, restaurant are perfect. The photo will harmoniously look retro cars and antique furniture. From the props you can take: an old suitcase, a rare phone, cigars, playing cards, a cane, posters of that time.

For a photo shoot in retro style, you can create a fascinating story, come up with intriguing stories. It is very important to show true feelings and emotions so that the photos turn out not only beautiful, but also touching, special, unique.


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