Another topic for debate and research is SWEET 16 PHOTOSHOOT as an art form. How can you be serious about this?

The very thing that delighted people in photography (the camera does everything automatically) was at the same time reproached for photographers. Even today, one can hear such a thesis: “How can this be art if you just press a button?”

The short answer is: yes, it can.

Initially, photography was conceived in the context of science, as a help for researchers, then artists began to use photographs as raw materials for their work, and later authors appeared, such as Charles Negre, Oscar Gustav Reilander, Julia Margaret Cameron and the pictorialists, who brought together the expressive means of photography and painting. At the beginning of the 20th century, avant-garde practices came to photography, then modernism and postmodernism. For decades, the language of photography has been built as an art that has emerged from the shadow of painting and has become the leading form of expression of human vision. However, now that photography has become available to every means of communication in social networks, the question again arises of what exactly is the criterion for identifying the artistry of a particular image.

André Rouyet points out another subtle problem[11 ]Royet A. Photography. Between document and contemporary art. St. Petersburg: Cloudberry, 2014: if we have already understood that we are dealing with contemporary art, then it is important to determine whether the author is a photographer or an artist who situationally uses light painting as one of the mediums in his practice. Roughly speaking, it is important to define the differences between the authors of the Düsseldorf school and, for example, Joseph Kossuth, in order to talk about photography today.

However, these questions are already beyond the scope of the topic to which this text is devoted.

Photography as a way of seeing

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