I have come across the claim that shooting landscapes or architecture in bright sunlight is one thing. Shooting portraits is impossible in principle.

My attempts to explain that it is not about the genre of photography or https://www.artlook.us/service/elopement-videography/, but about the understanding of light, usually did not lead to success.

Therefore, I turned to the works of Caravaggio (wiki), whose authority no one dared to challenge.

Painting by Caravaggio Saint Jerome
See what hard shadows and high contrast the painting “Saint Jerome” by Caravaggio has. How color saturation changes from light areas to dark areas.

Shadows suggest that the light falls from above at a large angle to the horizon. This is indirectly confirmed by the legend that Caravaggio wrote using the light from the round window in the roof of his workshop.

We have to admit the sad fact that many photographers simply do not know how to work with lighting, if it differs from a couple of common lighting schemes.

To successfully shoot in bright sunlight, you need to realize that daylight can’t be bad.

He’s just different.

This is the most important thing you should understand from this article.

About hard light in portrait photography

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